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  • 5 Steps to Becoming a Success Magnet

    5 Steps to Becoming a Success Magnet

    Success comes in many ways and forms.?Gandhi was successful for leading India into independence from the British. Mother Teresa was successful giving hope to the poorest of the poor.?Warren Buffett is successful for investing and building long-term business ventures.?Recently I ran across an article that outlined over 20 years of research on success. The study found there are?certain core activities, beliefs, and attitudes that are shared by those who succeed

    The basic formula:

    1. Get clear about what you don’t want.
    2. Get clear about what you do want.
    3. Visualize and feel the outcome.
    4. Clear your mind of self-limiting beliefs.
    5. Take action.

    The six most common characteristics:

    1. Resilience – the ability to keep getting up despite being knocked down.
    2. Self-control –?the ability to subdue one’s impulses, emotions, and behaviors in order to achieve longer-term goals.
    3. Emotional awareness –?Emotional awareness is the ability to recognize your own emotions and those of others.
    4. Creativity – the ability to perceive the world in new ways using?two processes: thinking and producing.
    5. Optimism – does not take failure personally but keeps on trying until he succeeds and?expects positive outcomes
    6. Sociability?

    So where do you stand??Once your beliefs and actions are aligned there are no limits.

    “Thoughts lead to purpose; purpose drives action; action form habits; habits?create character; character defines destiny.”




    4 Step Post-Conference Guide

    4 Step Post-Conference Guide

    Professional conferences are an unparalleled opportunity to build your network, get new ideas, deepen connections and get out of your routine and shake things up.

    Yet so many of us fail to act… why?

    Because you probably went home with loads of information to digest and a feeling of being overwhelmed. So plan a post-conference action plan that empowers you.

    The key is taking?ACTION.

    Here are 4 steps to maximize your conference investment:

    1. Network post the event?– Don’t forget those connections you made. Close the loop, follow up and build relationships for referrals, accountability and more.

    2. Leverage your social channels?– How can you communicate your time investment to show potential customers your commitment to excellence and serving them at the highest levels? Make your public posts about serving your customers and potential customers better.

    3. Organize your notes into a checklist?for the items you are committed to act on and share them with an accountability partner, mentor or coach. Do you have a checklist? A checklist?not only helps you get more done, but your brain loves them. According to research summarized by best-selling author Maria Konnikova, here are some of the reasons why:

    • Your mind seeks organization. Lists tap into our preferred way of receiving and organizing information at a subconscious level; from an information-processing standpoint, they often hit our attentional sweet spot.
    • When we process information, we do so spatially. For instance, it’s hard to memorize through brute force the groceries we need to buy. It’s easier to remember everything if we write it down in bulleted or numbered points.
    • Your mind wants to categorize. We can’t process information quickly when it’s clustered and undifferentiated (like in standard paragraphs). A list feels more intuitive.
    • Your mind wants to know how long this will take. The more we know about something—including precisely how much time it will consume—the greater the chance we will commit to it.
    • List completion is self-reinforcing. We recall with pleasure that we were able to check something off the list. This makes us want to go back to the list for another dopamine hit.

    Do your brain a favor and break down what you learned and your action steps into a series of checklists.

    4. Take action NOW! –?Don’t wait! Nothing good happens when you wait.

    So there you have it, 4 steps to win the post-conference game.