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    Episode 86: Edith Melendez – How to Sell to a Millenial and The Power of Tools

    In this episode of Success Superstars, Edith Melendez sits down with Mark Johnson to discuss how to leverage any skillset into Real Estate. Having worked in banking for years, Edith has been able to provide buyers and sellers with 'behind-the-scenes' expertise and...

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    Persistence – All The Reward Is In The Follow Up!

    These statistics will shock and surprise you. So, get ready. We recently did a blind study on incoming leads. 85% of the new leads received a follow-up, 15% got crickets.? So what is the psychology of the 15% of sales professionals that never follow up on a new lead?...

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    Episode 85: Steve Harney – Keeping Current Matters

    Steve Harney Founder of Keeping Current Matters is a residential Real Estate expert who specializes in market trends and this week he joins Mark for a conversation about how to win in any market. As a professional who's been in the industry for over 25 years, Steve...

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    Episode 84 : Kevin Marks – Knowing The Right Platforms For Your Business

    In this episode of Success Superstars, Kevin Marks explains his path to success with JP and Associates REALTORS?. Kevin talks about the importance of testing the right platforms for his business, training and prospecting in his first year of Real Estate. Kevin has...

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